Road / Bridge Closures:

CR 108 Bridge closed until further notice

Johnathan House is recognized for 5 years of service to Craighead County


              Matthew Whitten is recognized for 5 years of service to Craighead County


Wayne Roach is recognized for 10 years of service to Craighead County

Wayne 10 year

Craighead County Highway Department Christmas Lunch 2023




Craighead County Highway Department participates in NEA Touch A Truck event 2024.

Craighead highway 2023

Craighead County Highway Department 2023

John James

Craighead County Road Superintendent

The Road Department’s primary function is to take care of 1300 miles of paved and gravel road; 1100 miles gravel, and ~200 miles of hardsurface. The department is also responsible for drainage up and down the county road, and maintenance of the county’s road and bridge infrastructure. The County Road Department has its own Bridge Department as well. Since the bridge department’s inception, 350 wooden bridges have been replaced with new concrete bridges.

John James is the Road Superintendent for Craighead County. 

The Road Department used to be located on two separate sides of the county but is now housed in a central location at Jonesboro, AR. 

The Road Department generally keeps a staff of around 60 employees to keep the county going.

The office of E-911 Addressing is located at the Craighead County Highway Department. Information is provided at the bottom of this page to assist in getting an E-911 Address.

Craighead County Roads Map

Application for Employment ( Must Print )

870-933-4510 Ext # 1

2800 Moore Rd.

Jonesboro, AR 72401

Operating Hours 

Monday - Thursday 

6:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 

John James

Road Superintendent

870-933-4510 Ext # 7

Brian Crews

Western District Road Foreman

870-933-4510 Ext # 3

John Boatman

Assistant Road Foreman

870-933-4510 Ext # 4

Larry Mason

Shop Manager

870-933-4510 Ext # 6

Erin Johnson

E-911 Addressing Coordinator

Office 870-933-4510 Ext # 5

Cell# Call or TXT - 870-351-2799

Operating Hours 

Monday - Thursday 

6:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 

E 911 Addressing

Erin Johnson, E-911 Addressing Coordinator

870-933-4510 Ext. 5


Monday - Thursday

6:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. 

Craighead County Addressing Ordinance 2021-33

Subdivision Development or re-platting of existing parcels

With the passage of the Subdivision Ordinance 2019-13 on June 24,2019 all new subdivision developments

and the re-platting of existing parcels now requires County Judge's approval before filing at the Circuit Clerk's 

office. Plats can be dropped off in the County Judge's office, 511 Union St, STE 119, for review and approval.

Please plan on 10-20 days for response unless the plat is referred to the Road Committee for review. In that case,  

It would be the next Quorum Court committee meeting, which is typically the 2nd Monday of each month.

You may call the Judges office at 8710-933-4500 to check on the status of your plat.


 Ordinance 2019-13

 9-1-1 needs to have a locatable address for every house that could potentially call 9-1-1

  • Even if you receive mail at a P.O. Box or from another location. you must still have a 9-1-1 address
  • Each home and business in Craighead County should have an address.
  • This office issues all addresses in rural Craighead County
  • Call Erin Johnson at Office 870-933-4510 Ext 5
  • Call or Txt CELL # 870-351-2799
  • Email Erin@CraigheadCountyAR.Gov and let us know you need an address for a new structure.
  • Addressing is calculated by the NENA standard which does not allow for custom addressing.
  • Before any address in a floodplain can be issued, landowners are required to contact the Floodplain Manager, Anthony Coy at 933-4575 or
  • Once a request has been created for a new address, an onsite measurement may be required.
  • Due to the possibility of onsite measurements, please plan on 1-3 business days for an address to be issued.
  • Before an address can be issued for re-platting or a new subdivision after the date of June 24, 2019, the landowner must submit a Concept Plan to the County Judges Office for review and then be filed in the Circuit Clerk’s office per Ordinance 2019-13
  • A copy of the current plat may be requested before issuance of an address. This can be in paper or digital form.