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Craighead County Hazard Mitigation Plan
This plan includes all the unincorporated areas:
Craighead County
10 municipalities:

Black OakEgypt
BrooklandLake City

12 School Districts:

Blessed SacramentNettleton
BrooklandRidgefield Christian
Buffalo Island CentralRiverside
Concordia ChristianValley View
East Side BaptistWestside Consolidated

The goals of this Hazard Mitigation plan are:

  1. Reduce the loss of life and decrease property losses in the county due to natural disasters.
  1. Provide a framework and coordination to encourage all levels of government and public and private organizations to undertake mitigation to minimize potential disasters and to employ mitigation in the recovery following disasters.

Specific planning objectives are to:

  1. Identify, describe, and characterize the natural hazards to which the County is susceptible.
  1. Assess the risk of each hazard including probability and frequency, exposure, and consequences.
  1. Examine feasible mitigation opportunities appropriate for the identified hazards and prioritize those opportunities.
  1. Implement mitigation actions to reduce loss of lives and property.
  1. Identify mitigation opportunities for long-range planning consideration.

This Hazard Mitigation Plan was developed to assess the ongoing natural hazard mitigation activities in the county, to evaluate additional mitigation measures that should be undertaken, and to outline a strategy for implementation of mitigation projects.