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Smart911 is a free service that gives 9-1-1 the tools to keep you and your family safe. 100% private, secure and used by 9-1-1 centers across the country.

Smart911 is a free service that allows citizens to enter information through a secure web site that they want to make available to 9-1-1 operators in the event they call 9-1-1. When they call 9-1-1 the data automatically displays on the call takers workstation and is also made available to police, fire and EMS in the field helping them respond more quickly and effectively.

Real world use cases

Missing child

With Smart911, the 9-1-1 operator can see a high-quality photo of the missing child, issue an Amber Alert and forward the photo to field officers immediately after the call. A map of the child’s last known location is included.

Confused or disabled caller

With Smart911, the 9-1-1 operator can view the medical profile of a confused or disabled caller. If an Alzheimer’s sufferer cannot remember his/her home address or an asthma sufferer is unable to speak, the 9-1-1 center will still be able to effectively dispatch help.

Deaf or hard-of-hearing caller

Over 20 million Americans are hard-of-hearing. For these people and anyone else who may have trouble communicating with a 9-1-1 dispatcher over the phone, Smart911 offers an innovative way to both preload data and communicate via SMS.

Severe Allergies

With Smart911, anytime you dial 9-1-1 the operator will see your name, allergy, and current location on-screen. Even if you’re unable to speak, EMS will be dispatched to your location with an EpiPen in hand.

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